Dear Colleagues,

As the Black Sea Ophthalmological Society, we were supposed to suspend our annual meetings due to the pandemic for a while. This year we are starting to hold meetings again where we exchange information, meet our colleagues, talk to friends we have not seen for a long time and share scientific knowledge with each other.

This year we will be holding the 20th Congress of the Black Sea Ophthalmological Society with your valuable participation on 9-11 Feburary, 2023 in Baku, “the city of flames”. Along with our dear Azerbaijani colleagues, our meeting will be attended by precious scientists from our members and colleagues, who will share their scientific innovations and experiences with us.

Every day of our meeting, we will have the opportunity to watch and listen to different techniques and experiences of our colleagues. As the Black Sea Ophthalmological Society, we, who always believe in the development of science, encourage innovation, share knowledge and strive to educate young people, at this year's congress we attach importance to learning some significant topics that our young colleagues may encounter in their professional lives. We aim to shed light on the future of Ophthalmologists with presentations and trainings prepared by our efficient colleagues for our young brothers and sisters.

We, who believe in people, science and unity, are working hard for this great meeting with you, our prestigious colleagues. We invite you all to the scientific holiday event to be held in Baku on 9-11 Feburary, 2023. We thank each and everyone of you for your support in advance.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaskaloglu